Scenes from Armenia (part 2)

Armenia was never on my list of places to travel. I am half Georgian (like the country) and half Russian, so when it came to visiting the Caucasus, the only country I ever thought about was Georgia. When the opportunity presented itself this summer, since my mom was visiting Russia and would be close to the Caucasus region, we started planning out trip to Tbilisi so I can learn more about that side of my heritage.

As luck would have it during the summer of 2019 a political conflict escalated between Russia and Georgia and all flights between the two countries were canceled. My mom, who was in Russia at the time, wouldn’t be able to go and not wanting to go alone we decided to pick another country that we could both fly into. And this is where Armenia comes in. I knew that Armenia was a country, but to be honest the only thing I knew about it was the Armenian Genocide and the fact that Kim Kardashian and Cher were both half Armenian…thats it. Armenia is an ancient country full of history, going back to Biblical times so one blog article would not do its history justice. In the next post I will discuss some of my favorite places in Armenia, but for now enjoy the beauty of this ancient land. 71566877_10158855116239167_5934246834166824960_o71225650_10158855123919167_7909376455350419456_o71218882_10158855119359167_6817006851381526528_o

The Most Instagramable Places in the US*

Have you ever looked at pictures of Instagram influencers frolicking in the sands of Dubai and wanted to live out all of your Lawerence of Arabia dreams? Have you ever dreamed of curling your toes in the sand, but realized you don’t have a sugar daddy to buy you an Emirates ticket? Well as a self-described duneophile (yes ladies and gentlemen I am addicted to sand dunes) I have the perfect place for you with a much lower ticket price.

White Sands National Monument is a national park located in the Tularosa Basin in New Mexico. What you will notice first is the magical stark white dunes that get their color because the dunes themselves are made up of gypsum crystals. Coming here is like stepping into your wildest Southwestern dreams. The white dunes meet the crystal blue sky speckled with Yucca plants make for truly one of the most Instagramable places on Earth.

I drove the 4 hours here from Santa Fe (another place that will make your Instagram feed rival any influencer), however, if you don’t want to drive 4 hours through a Georgia O’Keeffe painting, I suggest flying into El Paso, TX and driver the 1.5 hours to the national park.

* Before you think of me as a dense social media obsessed idiot, please know these entries are made to be fun. Of course I don’t encourage people to go to a place because it makes for a good picture, but you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit there are people like this out there (if you are one of those no shame here). I love traveling and seeing new and unique places; it’s just an added bonus that they look like something you would find on the discovery page on Instagram. Honestly at the end of the day if you are getting out of your routine, going to see something new and different, and maybe learning something along the way why does it matter why you went there in the first place?

Looking at picture
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Walking into the unknown
Yucca plants
Toes in the sand

My terrible trip to Tahiti… (Part 1)

This is my first post that nobody will probably read, but I have to start off by congratulating myself on finally doing what I’ve been talking about for so long..blogging!! Yayy you go girl! Honestly I am so proud of you (yes I am talking/ typing to myself)! So I’ve decided that my first post will be about how my birthday trip to Tahiti and Mo’orea didn’t turn out as planned. This is will be super haphazard with no moral to the story. I’m just eager to publish something so these thoughts are literally coming from my head to the computer screen.

As a proud Aquarian baby I like to celebrate my birthday every year (since having my travel benefits–I’m a flight attendant I guess I should’ve mentioned that earlier oops) by taking a trip. In the past it has been Belize, Australia, Austria, but last year I decided that I would cross Tahiti and Mo’orea off my list.

It was with this birthday trip I came to realize that I should probably travel solo or in a big group, but never one on one with somebody else. So I had been talking about Tahiti for a long time on Facebook, when a fellow flight attendant (lets call her Jane) slipped into my Facebook messages saying she wanted to cross Tahiti off her bucket list too. Now Jane and I had never hung out in person we had only knew eachother through the job and I think that was the biggest problem, we didn’t know what each of us was like when you take uniform out of the equation.

This is part 1 will post part 2 very soon maybe even tomorrow. But for now here are some of my favorite pictures from Tahiti and Mo’orea.