Anger Non Issues

As somebody who (tries to) follows the New Age spirituality path,I’ve always been ashamed of my anger. Part of the teachings of new age spirituality is that anger is a low vibration emotion and therefore you need to do everything possible to quickly get yourself out of that headspace. So anytime I would feel a sense of anger come on, I would quickly try and suppress that issue and try to turn it into something positive like forgiveness or make excuses for the other person who brought that anger out of me. Oh he didn’t mean to treat me like I’m worthless he just has a hard life and doesn’t know how to treat people! Oh she didn’t mean to make you feel stupid, she was just being honest and open with her feelings!

However, just like with selfishness I think anger can be a good thing. I don’t agree with stewing in your anger and letting it consume your life like a wildfire, but from now on I also will not be suppressing my anger. From now on I will be sitting in the pits of the raging fire of anger a little longer and letting myself feel the burn. After all, as Glennon Doyle said in Untamed, “The fire of pain won’t consume me. I can burn and burn and live. I can live on fire . I am fireproof.” I know that she’s talking about pain in that quote, but anger can be just as an uncomfortable of an emotion for people as pain. We quickly want to get out of it, but not me at least not anymore.

As you would expect from the typical woo woo 21st century girl, I like to watch online tarot card readings. As I was watching a video from this amazing reader called “Minnow Pond Tarot” on YouTube, he said something that really stuck out to me and I think it may resonate with many of you. I don’t remember in which part of the reading it was, but he said something along the lines of “Pissed off for greatness.” And those words have been haunting me ever sense.

Have you ever been so pissed off, so angry that you finally said “Enough is enough.” It sucks that in life we as people usually have to get to that point until we finally say I won’t put up with that anymore. Whenever my anger rose up in the past I would make excuses or just do anything to get that anger to go away. But I wonder if I let myself feel the full extent of my anger the first time maybe I would have learned my lesson quicker. If I let that anger simmer in me a little longer maybe I wouldn’t have needed to repeat the same mistake 3 or 4 times, before I said enough is enough.

Of course I believe there is such a thing as anger issues, but I really think we especially as women do ourselves a disservice by suppressing our anger and trying to turn it into something that’s more “positive.” Im learning now that every emotion I feel is valid and deserving of being recognized and felt. In my opinion there is no such thing as a “low vibration” emotion. Yes I do think anger when not managed can be detrimental to your mental health and your life, but I also think allowing yourself to feel that anger is not just good but necessary for our growth. Of course these are just my opinions, let me know what you think? Is anger necessary? Can anger even be healthy for your self growth?

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