Do you believe in the concept of soulmates? In what some people would call a twin flame? I wasn’t exactly sold on the concept until it happened to me.

In the movie “Almost Famous” the character of Elaine Miller introduces psychoanalyst Carl Jung saying, “In Carl Jung’s opinion, we all have a sixth sense – intuition. When you meet someone and you suddenly feel like you can’t live without them. This could be the memory of a past love from the collective unconscious. Or it could just be hormones.”

I have to ask myself are you in the hormone troop or the collective unconscious troop? I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately and based on my experience I really do think we connect and reconnect with the same soul over and over throughout millennia.

Here’s my story and depending on your stance on the subject it’s either fated love or a pathology…you decide!

So we met on Halloween night at a club and from the beginning it was like sparks flew and like I was experiencing the world for the first time (cheesy I know). We went on a single date and it was one of the most awkward dates I had ever been on and the night ended abruptly without us making plans for a second one. We would text off and on until eventually he disappeared into nothingness.

A long time had passed and I mean years and I didn’t give his memory a second thought. A  few months ago I started down my spiritual journey and he all of a sudden popped into my mind out of nowhere. I decided to do what every 21st century women does when  she thinks of a past love interest and look him up. Thanks to the Google Gods I was able to get all the answers to the questions I had all those years ago.

He’s married and I’m somebody who respects that so I will deffinetly not be contacting him, but I can’t help but wonder why the Universe brought his memory back at this exact time. What am I meant to learn from this? I know someday I will get my answers, but for now I just sit here scratching my head.

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