It Takes a Village

I have lived in NYC for 11 years now. Sure I have my favorite neighborhoods and my local spots that I like to go to, but in all that time I have never really explored the area of NYC known as the West Village. The West Village is categorized as a neighborhood in the Western section of Greenwich Village in lower Manhattan and is home to many historic sites and has played background in many monumental movements. Of course I had been to the West Village before, but I had never taken the time to appreciate just how serene the neighborhood is. The pace is a little slower here. The people a little kinder. It doesn’t feel like you are surrounded by a million of strangers, but rather your neighbors. The West Village is also home to some of the most Instagramable restaurants you will ever see, with one outdoing the other.

One of those place is a little restaurant and bar called While We Were Young located on West 10th street. Not only is the pink and rose aesthetic of this place what dreams are made of, but the service here is unbeatable. From the waiters to the bartender the people who work here are so kind, they really made my experience here super enjoyable. Im sure they are over having a million people stopping by for pictures here, but nobody ever said anything and were always super gracious.

Although I didn’t get food here, I did get the “One Night Stand” cocktail with watermelon and chili powder, which was delicious. I would honestly give this place 5/5 stars. There are Instagramable places all over NYC, however, when you find a place thats’s not only your aesthetic goals but also a place where you can get a great cocktail and smile you tell people about it! Also thank you to my beautiful friend Sierra for inspiring me to explore the West Village more to for always being down to be an urban explorer with me.




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