My terrible trip to Tahiti… (Part 1)

This is my first post that nobody will probably read, but I have to start off by congratulating myself on finally doing what I’ve been talking about for so long..blogging!! Yayy you go girl! Honestly I am so proud of you (yes I am talking/ typing to myself)! So I’ve decided that my first post will be about how my birthday trip to Tahiti and Mo’orea didn’t turn out as planned. This is will be super haphazard with no moral to the story. I’m just eager to publish something so these thoughts are literally coming from my head to the computer screen.

As a proud Aquarian baby I like to celebrate my birthday every year (since having my travel benefits–I’m a flight attendant I guess I should’ve mentioned that earlier oops) by taking a trip. In the past it has been Belize, Australia, Austria, but last year I decided that I would cross Tahiti and Mo’orea off my list.

It was with this birthday trip I came to realize that I should probably travel solo or in a big group, but never one on one with somebody else. So I had been talking about Tahiti for a long time on Facebook, when a fellow flight attendant (lets call her Jane) slipped into my Facebook messages saying she wanted to cross Tahiti off her bucket list too. Now Jane and I had never hung out in person we had only knew eachother through the job and I think that was the biggest problem, we didn’t know what each of us was like when you take uniform out of the equation.

This is part 1 will post part 2 very soon maybe even tomorrow. But for now here are some of my favorite pictures from Tahiti and Mo’orea.


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