It Takes a Village

I have lived in NYC for 11 years now. Sure I have my favorite neighborhoods and my local spots that I like to go to, but in all that time I have never really explored the area of NYC known as the West Village. The West Village is categorized as a neighborhood in the Western section of Greenwich Village in lower Manhattan and is home to many historic sites and has played background in many monumental movements. Of course I had been to the West Village before, but I had never taken the time to appreciate just how serene the neighborhood is. The pace is a little slower here. The people a little kinder. It doesn’t feel like you are surrounded by a million of strangers, but rather your neighbors. The West Village is also home to some of the most Instagramable restaurants you will ever see, with one outdoing the other.

One of those place is a little restaurant and bar called While We Were Young located on West 10th street. Not only is the pink and rose aesthetic of this place what dreams are made of, but the service here is unbeatable. From the waiters to the bartender the people who work here are so kind, they really made my experience here super enjoyable. Im sure they are over having a million people stopping by for pictures here, but nobody ever said anything and were always super gracious.

Although I didn’t get food here, I did get the “One Night Stand” cocktail with watermelon and chili powder, which was delicious. I would honestly give this place 5/5 stars. There are Instagramable places all over NYC, however, when you find a place thats’s not only your aesthetic goals but also a place where you can get a great cocktail and smile you tell people about it! Also thank you to my beautiful friend Sierra for inspiring me to explore the West Village more to for always being down to be an urban explorer with me.




The Times They Are a Changing

I’ve been at a very vulnerable point in my life lately. When I was younger I devoted a lot of time to progressing in my spiritual journey, going to meditation and yoga and reading every self help book I could get my hands on. However, life got in the way and my focus went to something else that didn’t require so much work and dedication.

Lately I’ve gotten so comfortable in my routine, in my place in the universe and the predictability that each day provided. Then about 2 weeks ago I decided I wasn’t happy with my situation I started back up on my spiritual journey and about 3 days after I returned back to my path of mindfulness and inner peace, everything in my life was turned upside down.

I don’t want to put it out there now, but so many different little things happened this last week a half that it’s hard to ignore that the universe is speaking to me directly. However, I wish I knew what the message is and how I can learn from this situation. And then 2 days ago my roommate of the last 3 years messaged me on Facebook to tell me I have to find a new place to live by April because her new boyfriend will be moving in. It felt like life as a I knew it was falling apart. Hadn’t I had enough changes, don’t I have enough on my plate right now, do I really need to worry about something else? I longed for the comfort of the routine of each day and wished for the anxiety of the unknown to go away.

However, it is not accident that my spiritual journey started and then the rug was pulled from under me. I don’t know if the universe felt like I was finally strong enough for the changes it brought me, or it heard the thoughts that I didn’t want to admit to myself that I am not happy but I am also not strong enough to make the changes on my own and I need a push like a baby bird out of the nest thats felt so comfortable. I know that everything will work out in the end. Even though the anxiety is still tugging at my heart and at my mind, I know that I will look back at this as an exciting beginning to a new chapter. I cannot wait to look at this in six months or a year with fondness and think to myself if you only knew how good things are about to get.


Being in nature has always helped quiet my anxious mind.

Concrete Jungle Oasis (Top Most Instagramable Places in NYC)

Temple Garni

Recently Kim Kardashian came back from a trip to Armenia and the media flooded us with pictures from her trip. One of the pictures was from a photo shoot where Kim, surrounded by her kids, is standing overlooking a cavernous valley bellow. In that moment I was just very happy that I went to this place first and was able to post pictures of my trip before anybody could accuse me of copying Kim (jokes for those who don’t understand sarcasm).
 The Temple of Garni is a pagan temple that was built in the first century AD. It is theorized that the temple was built by King Tiridates of Armenia in homage to the sun god Mihr. The tour to the temple can be booked at any Yerevan tour agency and usually includes a guided tour to the Geghard monastery. Most of tours are also in three languages including Armenian, Russian, and English and the guides are super knowledgeable about the history of all the stops.
Let’s keep this real, Garni is the perfect place for an Instagram photoshoot. This temple looks straight out of Greece and even though Garni is  popular with the tourists, the crowds don’t come close to what you would encounter at the Parthenon. I was able to have a whole photoshoot (I use this term very loosely as my mom was the photographer) without being interrupted. The scenery surrounding Garni is also otherworldly. As somebody who is from Colorado, even I was impressed by the rolling hills and the valleys. Even though its kind of a bitch to get to as you have to connect in either Vienna or Paris, more people need to experience the beauty of Armenia.

An ode to my favorite place in Armenia

On my last post I was asked to elaborate more about my trip to Armenia. Because it was a very hastily planned trip I wasn’t really sure what to expect, so imagine my surprise when I realized my favorite place in Armenia was a 15 minute walk from my hotel and free to all visitors.

The Cascade in Yerevan is a giant limestone multi-level staircase in the Kentron neighborhood of the city. It’s 387 feet high and you can climb up to the top by either the limestone steps on the outside (unless you are super in-shape I don’t suggest that) or you can take the indoor air-conditioned escalators (winning). The different floors of the Cascade have water fountains, art installations, sculptures, and gardens where you can either take pictures or just sit look out on Yerevan and enjoy yourself. ​

The Cascade is also surrounded by a square filled with flowers and art installations where people like to come out and spend their summer days. It was so relaxing to just go sit in the square with an ice cream cone and watch the locals and tourists alike come out and enjoy their last days of summer. Pretty close to the Cascade is a restaurant called Santa Fe with plenty of outdoor seating. The restaurant is a bit pricey, but my mom and I decided to just have a coffee and a milkshake (my mom is still talking about how delicious her milkshake was). The dining experience in Europe is super different from that of the US, so we took our time and sipped our drinks and nobody was rushing us out.

Here are some pictures from the multiple floors of the Cascade. If you come early in the morning there’s hardly any people here so you have the whole place to yourself to take pictures. 7CF618AB-A787-410E-996A-F180A4EA42898B4CBF29-2AF6-429A-B768-1CF7F2C589561796F102-D212-4AF9-B02D-580905DB276E1152E35F-3CA7-42A5-9F77-1D04F78BC73CE81D261A-FFBF-4C42-9558-93280A25AD585C299DE9-DAC3-4CE9-AD1C-6334C7ADF995